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SAP Business One Addons as a performance booster

We love SAP Business One and know the needs of SAP B1 users through our daily contact with customers and prospects.

That's why we are continuously expanding SAP Business One with new useful functions. Whether in production, in the shipping process or in warehouse management - we say "No more paperwork!"

With our SAP Business One Addons, you get performance boosters for digitalisation and for increasing the efficiency of your processes - whether in production, warehouse or logistics.

SIGMA Mobile Warehouse Management SAP B1

By using the SAP Business One Addon Mobile Warehouse Management SAP B1 from SIGMA, manual, time-consuming warehouse work is finally a thing of the past. The SAP Business One Addon allows you to automate warehouse logistics in a simple and uncomplicated way, as barcode scanners ( handheld ) are used in the warehouse.

It accelerates the booking of warehouse movements, the processing of picking lists and allows you to carry out inventories using SAP Business One. The data collected is automatically synchronised with SAP Business One.

Learn more about our logistics solution for SAP Business One SIGMA Mobile Warehouse Management SAP B1.



SIGMA Digital Packing Table

Tired of manually entering a packing process? This is now a thing of the past! SIGMA Digital Packing Table allows you to automate a packing process based on picking lists.

By using a barcode scanner, shipping data is synchronised with SAP Business One. Click here for more information on the SAP Business One Addon for Logistics Processes SIGMA Digital Packing Table.

SIGMA Pallet Management - Administration of Handling Units

The SIGMA Pallet Management as a fully integrated add-on in SAP Business One creates the labelling with the number of the shipping unit ( NVE ) and manages the corresponding article and storage location information ( SAP Warehouse Management ).
SIGMA pallet management guarantees that NVE markings are recorded in SAP Business One for all goods movements (stock receipts, stock issues, stock transfers). Our fast data entry masks enable a simplified, digitalised data entry, e.g. via barcode scanner.
Details about our logistics solution SIGMA Pallet Management for the management of handling nits in SAP Business One can be found here.

SIGMA BDE - Production Data Acquisition in Production

We are convinced of the efficiency of integrated and digitalised processes. That is why we have developed SIGMA BDE for SAP Business One. Production papers will be a thing of the past and paperless production is the future.

Minimal hardware investments are all that is needed, as our BDE terminal can be operated on conventional office PCs or Android tablets.

Find out here how SAP Business One and SIGMA PDC can help you achieve paperless production.


SIGMA MES - Manufacturing Execution System for Production and Assembly



The SIGMA Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ) enables you to fully digitalise your production ( paperless production and assembly ). It also allows you to synchronise your information flow with the material flow on your assembly / production line.

Learn more about SIGMA MES for SAP Business One here.


Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One