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SIGMA Web Portal - project-related recording of working hours and expenses

We like continuous and digital processes - that's why we have developed the SIGMA Web Portal to support you in project management but also in administrative tasks.

Keep track of your projects as well as the associated phases and tasks and easily follow the current status as well as the associated budgets and planned timing. Your employees have the option of recording their services, such as working hours, travel costs and expenses, directly online while on the road, which you can then automatically invoice to your customers via an assistant. When recording international expenses, regional differences with regard to the additional cost of meals are directly taken into account.

Furthermore, the SIGMA web portal allows you to manage absences and working hours and thus reduce the administrative effort. For example, leave requests can be entered online, checked and approved by the supervisor and the information transferred to payroll accounting. The employee receives an overview of the days available, the days of leave already applied for and the corresponding status.

Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One