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BLocz GmbH

Contract announcement Blocz GmbH

Challenge & goals

The past months of Blocz GmbH were influenced by the enormous growth of the company, the expansion of production, the accompanying increase in the number of employees and also the strong orientation towards international markets.

The solution - SAP Business One

The decision to introduce commercial software was therefore an absolute necessity for the company. SAP Business One scored particularly well with a very good basis and, with its scalability, can also accompany the further growth of the company in the coming years. We at SIGMA are looking forward to a great project and, if time permits, to the opportunity to take a climbing lesson or two.

This is what our customer says
"Due to our growth, we had reached the point where a complete software was needed for our business. We are looking forward to SAP Business One."
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About the client

The idea to operate a Boulder Lounge in Chemnitz was born in 2010 by a team of enthusiastic climbing friends. The lounge's success was enormous, quickly leading to start producing climbing equipment themselves in 2015. Blocz GmbH was born. What followed was a great success story: the number of employees and the revenue grew (grew) enormously in recent years, and the company's market became international. Today, the company manufactures the equipment for bouldering halls all over the world, and also equips the halls themselves. Many halls are operated by the company itself - including in Canberra, Australia. Exactly the right client for SAP Business One.

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