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Access data faster with Drag&Relate

The Drag & Relate function allows you to create reports and access information in SAP Business One quickly and easily.

Activate the tab "Drag & Relate" in the main menu of SAP Business One. This will display all menus that support the Drag & Relate function. Now make a preselection in relation to the company area to be viewed ( e.g. Sales ). Now click on the customer number and keep the left mouse button pressed until a black border appears around the item number. Then, while keeping the mouse button pressed, drag the frame to the desired menu item. Now the data to be evaluated ( in this example it is the outgoing invoice ) is displayed.

If there is only one corresponding document, open it directly.

However, if there are several entries, click on the filter icon (blue funnel). A table appears in which you can filter your selection according to individual criteria.

Bottom line: Those who use the "Drag&Relate" function of SAP Business One benefit from a simplification in terms of usability as well as time savings.