SAP Business One - Our mission

Are you familiar with this? Day-to-day business eats up your time - you have to take care of everything and often have no time for other things. Strategic matters get far too little attention, and that is dangerous. So get off the treadmill! Here's what we say: Get your time back for your business!

But what is the best way to do that?

How can you tell what to do and what to watch out for? The cause of "constantly running behind" often lies in organisation, communication and mapping of business processes. The introduction of a fully comprehensive ERP solution then quickly appears to make sense. And probably that is also the reason why you have now landed on this page. Very good! Of course, we would be happy to show you what SAP Business One is all about. But first we would like to help you get a clear picture of what you actually want to achieve with the new software. After all, you should benefit from the project. You wouldn't buy a new sports car just to drive it at the same speed as before. So:

Here are our three steps to get your time and business back.

1. Your Mission

Do you know what makes a successful alpinist? Sure, he must have some talent. But first and foremost, he has a very clear goal and the iron will to achieve it. Or have you ever heard Reinhold Messner say that he always had the dream of climbing half of Mount Everest? Surely not. And the same is happening in the business world. If you don't have your mission clearly in mind, then this is once again a reason to take yourself out of the day-to-day business and sharpen your pencil. And go ahead and think a little bigger. Increasing your annual turnover by 15% is not a mission. But becoming the market leader in your sector is.

2. The stages

Few people achieve their goal at the first attempt, but as long as the mission is clear, you can make a plan and divide the journey into stages. The most important thing now is to first decide on the right things to do, and secondly to do them right. In our Effective vs. Efficient Challenge, you can dive deeper into this topic and walk out with a whole new outlook on your business.

3. The focus

Now that your mission, stages and directions are clear, comes the final challenge. Stay focused and don't get distracted. Focus only on the tasks that will get you and your business to your destination. We all know: You can work on many urgent things and not get one really important task done. In our post Why urgent doesn't equal important, we help you get off the treatmill.

You have your mission clearly in mind? Now your next milestone is to implement a fully comprehensive ERP solution as a tool to increase your efficiency? We can't wait for you to take us on that journey. Of course, we realise that we first have to convince you.

Read here for more details on what SAP Business One has to offer and how you can take your business to the next level with SIGMA's Performance Boosters.