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Alternative keyboard use

You would think ENTER is ENTER and so it is. But while the Enter key on your keyboard lets you jump to the next line in EXCEL, for example, the same key in SAP Business One does something different.

If you are currently in a document (quotation, sales order, etc.), then clicking the ENTER key will add this document. This system behaviour is useful for power users because it allows you to create new documents very quickly. For some newcomers to SAP Business One, however, it takes a little getting used to.

And because SAP always has an open ear for the wishes of its users, a small feature was integrated some time ago with which the keyboard layout can be changed.

To do this, simply click in your menu under Administration/System initialisation/General settings. Here you can now adjust the system behaviour in the Services tab under the item Alternative Keyboard Usage (see illustration). It is best to try it out right away.


By the way: Once you are on this tab, quickly activate live collaboration.

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