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ERP Food Industry Solution for SAP B1

Made for the food industry of medium-sized businesses

With ERP Food Industry Solution for SAP Business One, we have created an add-on that is specially designed for the needs of the food industry (production and trade) of SMEs. This way, your processes are fully integrated and you benefit from continuous planning and complete traceability. Here we combine the extensive range of functions of SAP Business One with our industry know-how in the food industry. Added to this are our enhancements for the complete ERP solution from SAP to automate your processes.

Advantages of ERP Food, the SAP Business One industry solution

  • Cross-process planning within the ERP complete solution
  • Barcode-controlled business processes for smooth workflows
  • Batch tracing from raw material to finished product
  • MHD management for a better overview
  • EDI interface for faster connection to your customers and suppliers
  • Mobile storage location control and management ( more about SIGMA Mobile Warehouse Management )
  • Real-time reporting for fast and informed decision making thanks to SAP HANA
  • Intercompany transactions as well as global article master thanks to SAP client management for subsidiaries

Prospects become enthusiastic customers

Winning new customers is crucial to success. But it is equally important to fully exploit the potential of existing customer relationships. With SAP Business One, you can manage the entire sales process and every customer contact quickly and easily - from the first conversation to the commitment to service and support in aftersales.

  • Sales and opportunity management
    Track business opportunities and customer activities seamlessly - from the first contact to the conclusion of a contract.
  • Marketing campaigns
    With the integrated campaign management tool, you can create targeted marketing campaigns, send them to your prospects and existing customers, and then track and analyse them.
  • Customer management
    You can store all important customer data in one central place and then conveniently synchronise it with your contacts from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Reports and analyses
    Use sales planning to forecast future material consumption and create time-saving detailed reports such as sales forecasts and pipeline forecasts.
  • Mobiler sales
    With the SAP Business One mobile app, your sales team can access key company data at any time. Get up to date before the customer appointment, provide information on availability and current prices of your items on the spot. Initiate sales orders directly at the customer's premises and save yourself the need for post-processing. With the SAP Business One Mobile App, you remain capable of acting at any time and anywhere.
  • Master agreement
    Create planning and legal security by creating framework agreements with business partners and benefit from better cost transparency.
  • Connection of your online sales via your online shop and other online platforms
    Nowadays, an online shop is almost indispensable as an additional sales channel and as a customer loyalty tool. Connect your online shop directly to the system and keep an eye on your sales across all sales channels. Our add-on for SAP Business One SIGMA Digital Packing Table acts as a performance booster and supports you in picking and dispatching your goods to cope with the large number of shipments in an increased shipping volume.
  • Order processing via EDI Cockpit
    Convert and exchange standardised company data (such as orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.) with your business partners.

Optimise procurement, increase margins

Clearly defined purchasing processes increase the efficiency of your company's procurement. The ERP complete solution SAP Business One supports you in recording documents, invoices, returns and payments as well as in managing framework agreements and also enables an EDI connection. Thanks to integrated reporting, you can compare suppliers and prices more easily and thus uncover better conditions and new opportunities for cost savings.


Create supplier enquiries, purchase orders, framework agreements and goods receipts in SAP B1. Documents can be linked and tracked for auditing. You can also keep track of returns, additional expenses and different currencies.
By means of EDI connection, you pass on orders directly to your suppliers.

Production and material requirements planning

You create multiple bills of material, release production orders manually or automatically and manage the bill of material prices system-wide.

Automated production processes

Digitise your production processes and keep an eye on your flow of goods at all times. Our SIGMA BDE add-on acts as a performance booster and makes all necessary documents available at the associated workstation. You receive real-time feedback on the completion of the goods, if necessary in conjunction with a scale connection. QM-relevant data can also be stored in the system in the fast entry mask. In addition, the ERP complete solution supports you during storage with the storage location selection and automatically creates the required print documents.

Master data management

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can manage even extensive data smoothly and easily. Account balances and purchasing analyses are just as available as detailed order information with price lists and tax data. Manage recipes and also article variants directly in the system.

Integration of warehouse and accounting

In SAP Business One, reconcile goods receipt confirmations with your stock levels in real time.


Process supplier invoices, cancellations and credit notes and link them to the corresponding purchase order. Plan material requirements and schedule your purchases precisely.

Simple, always up-to-date reporting

Create reports in SAP Business One based on real-time data and visualise them in a variety of templates and dashboards.



Manage stock and availability in real time.

Easily manage best-before dates, manufacturing dates and batch numbers, and check item availabilities in real time. SAP Business One provides you with reliable information on inbound and outbound deliveries, inventory levels and item locations, and integrates your logistics from picking goods to shipping.

Warehouse and inventory management

You can manage your inventories clearly, maintain master data and mark up multiple units of measure and prices.

Warehouse management

You manage stock across multiple warehouses, can divide each warehouse into zones and set allocation rules. Stock movements and pick times can be optimised. Our performance booster SIGMA Mobile Warehouse Management supports you in the process of digitalisation and makes your warehouse work even more efficiently for you.

Control incoming and outgoing goods

You log every goods receipt or goods issue as well as all storage locations and movements. Consignment, direct delivery and other types of delivery are supported, as are inventories.

Batch tracing

Keep an eye on your batches - thanks to the complete batch tracing in the system, you can determine exactly which batch was processed when and how and also dispatched.


Our Performance Booster SIGMA digital packing table supports you in picking and dispatching your goods. Through a corresponding connection to your shipping service provider ( parcel services / freight forwarding ), the necessary information is passed on directly and also recorded in the system. In addition, our NVE label in accordance with the GS1 standard ensures automated labelling for forwarding.

Efficient reporting

Create reports with up-to-date data and display them in various formats and dashboards.

AutoID / RFID solution expertise

Use our AutoID / RFID solution expertise to optimise your processes even further.

Get full control of your finances

SAP Business One gives you all the tools you need to simplify your financial management. You can automatically manage bookings, calculate taxes and carry out transactions in a wide range of currencies. All banking transactions can be handled with the application.

Process bank statements and payments, reconcile accounts, manage cash flow and keep an eye on budgets. In addition, you can compare the actual situation with the target situation in the blink of an eye and immediately determine how your business is doing. Your financial processes are seamlessly linked in real time with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales. The result: faster transactions and more transparency on cash flow.


Automate all core accounting processes in SAP Business One, such as the accounting journal and receivables and payables.

Condition systems and provisions

Benefit from flexible condition systems and directly take into account corresponding accruals such as bonuses, WKZ or commissions. Association processing and collective invoices are taken into account, as is central regulation.


You reliably control your cash flow, keep an eye on fixed assets, control budgets and monitor project costs.

Fixed assets

Manage your fixed assets digitally without having to enter data again and again.

Banking transactions

Quickly reconcile accounts, process bank statements and bookings of various payment methods - such as transfers, cash payments and credit cards.

Financial reports & analyses

Create standardised or customised reports and incorporate real-time data from corporate planning and auditing.


Clear insights into your business

SAP Business One comes with powerful analysis and reporting tools. This allows you to consolidate data from multiple sources and quickly create reliable reports based on company-wide data. Thanks to integration with Microsoft Office, you can choose from numerous report formats and control access to individual pieces of information. You access pre-configured dashboards and reports, as well as Office tools that support your decision-making. You customise forms and queries to suit your needs - without the need for technical training.


Access data from a wide range of sources via SAP B1, create new reports and customise existing ones with numerous layouts to suit your needs. The IT effort is minimal.

Interactive analyses

Create reports in SAP Business One using standard MS Excel functions and view your business from a whole new perspective.

Intuitive tools

Link objects by drag & drop, dive from overview information down to detailed data, find any content quickly and be automatically informed about changes.

Preconfigured key figures

Easily integrate key figures into your analyses, such as the average variance in delivery time or the results of the five most successful employees.

Advanced reports

When you integrate SAP Lumira software with SAP Business One, you can make your reports even clearer with powerful visualisations.

Make informed decisions faster

With SAP Business One, your employees can make informed decisions faster. The solution brings together all the important information from sales, customer management, operations and finance - and makes it available throughout the company.

In the ERP complete solution from SAP, your data is no longer distributed across several tables, but is stored centrally in a fully integrated system. Duplicate data entry is eliminated, costs and error rates are reduced. This allows you and your colleagues to concentrate on the most important tasks again. At all times, you know exactly how your company is doing. And that your data is really reliable.

SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

With the fully integrated SAP Crystal Reports software for SAP Business One, you can create dashboards and reports that provide insight into any business area. The intuitive, interactive drill-down feature helps you identify answers to pressing questions. Employees can respond more quickly to customer requests and managers can keep track of sales, costs and cash flow. This allows you to reliably evaluate business performance and take immediate countermeasures should anything go wrong.

SAP HANA for SAP Business One

Access business-relevant information even faster with SAP HANA for SAP Business One. Included are powerful functions for real-time analyses, with which every user can immediately find the data they need. Standardised or ad-hoc reports are created quickly and effortlessly.

Access from anywhere

Stay informed at all times with SAP Business One's smart applications, even when you're on the move. With the SAP Business One Mobile App, you can view reports, manage contacts and perform sales activities.

There is also the SAP Business One Sales App specifically for your sales representatives, agents and sales staff - with this you can access all relevant business information and processes for efficient and successful customer and sales management.

Our industry solution ERP Food is suitable for:

  • Frozen products
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Confectionery and long-life bakery products
  • Coffee and tea
  • Sugar, spices and sauces
  • Beverages (mineral water and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages)
  • Nutrients and food supplements
  • Pet food and feed supplements for animals

Our industry solution ERP Food is suitable for:

  • Frozen products
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Confectionery and long-life bakery products
  • Coffee and tea
  • Sugar, spices and sauces
  • Beverages ( mineral water and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages )
  • Nutrients and food supplements
  • Pet food and feed supplements for animals
Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One