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Questions about SAP Business One? With us you get the answers

In our daily work, we frequently come across important questions about SAP Business One, such as whether the solution is right for the company in question. Reason enough for us to write down the most frequently asked questions and clear up a few common misconceptions at the same time.

General questions

"I don't know what it costs exactly, but SAP is definitely too expensive". - This or similar sentences can be heard again and again from potential interested clients - a widespread opinion. Many prospective customers think of SAP's "big" solutions. SAP Business One, however, was developed specifically for SMEs and is fully competitive in terms of pricing. And for that you get a comprehensive all-in-one solution with high investment security that helps you grow, operate profitably and automate business processes.

What many people don't realise is that SAP has an extremely strong position, especially in small and medium-sized businesses. SAP Business One was developed specifically for SMEs and is designed accordingly. And the success speaks for itself: tens of thousands of companies from production, trade and services worldwide use SAP Business One. And watch out! Our smallest customers only have one licence in use. So you see: the barriers to entry into the SAP world are not as high as is often assumed.

Trust in our competence! Tried and tested implementation methods and our years of know-how make implementation easier for you: some of our customers were able to start using SAP Business One within a few weeks of placing their order.

Special industries require special software solutions? We hear this again and again from potential interested parties during initial contacts. But after a conversation it often turns out that our SAP Business One solution can cover exactly what the customer needs - and often even more. This is precisely the advantage of SAP Business One: that it is a standardised, fully comprehensive solution. And if there are still open wishes, SAP partners like us offer a wide range of flexible add-ons or, if necessary, help with individual customisation. SAP Business One provides the solid and broad basis, the enhancements then give the right boost.

Don't worry! SAP Business One is a solution that can easily grow with your business. Performance problems, outdated data, limited data storage options and restrictions on the number of users and locations working in parallel are a thing of the past. So you are setting yourself up for the future.

No. No problem at all. SAP Business One offers the display of the interface in 27 languages; is available in 40 country versions and is in use in a further 34 countries. Business transactions can be executed in several currencies and evaluated in various reports.

If, for example, SAP Business Suite is used in a parent company, this is not a problem either. SAP Business One can be linked to SAP Business Suite and can also be combined with applications from other software providers without any problems.

Business challenges

SAP Business One offers you dashboards for the most important data, which provide you with a comprehensive overview of essential company figures at any time. Even with large amounts of data, this is no problem. Furthermore, SAP Business One already offers a wide range of integrated reporting tools in the standard scope, with which you can quickly compile business, accounting, warehouse and financial reports or account statements. Reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word® or PDF. This gives you a complete overview and transparency of your processes at all times. If you also need individual reports or reportings, we are at your disposal.

With SAP Business One, you have a fully integrated accounting system with complete financial and payment management functions. Almost all processes are automated: for example, SAP Business One automatically creates a journal entry in the general ledger when a transaction takes place. To reconcile the data, SAP Business One can also transfer the financial data to the DATEV system, for example, or make it available to your tax advisor in DATEV mail format.


SAP Business One offers all employees the possibility of accessing your system simply and easily with mobile devices. There are two smart applications for this:

With the SAP Business One app, you can access your SAP Business One system anytime, anywhere. Managers, executives, sales and service staff can stay informed about business transactions, view reports, manage contacts and perform sales and service activities.

Furthermore, the SAP Business One Sales App enables sales activities to be carried out effectively at any time and in any place. Sales staff can easily access the SAP Business One solution via the app and use all relevant business information and processes for efficient and successful customer and sales management.

Both apps are available for Android or iOS.

You can find more information here.

Warehouse and production

The fastest way to improve your warehouse operations is through our Performance Boosters. The "SIGMA Mobile Warehouse Management" solution, for example, allows simple and straightforward automation of work in the warehouse with handheld devices. When it comes to shipping, the "SIGMA Digital Packing Table" comes into play, allowing you to automate the packing process using picking lists.


We like consistent and digital processes, which is why we have developed the "SIGMA BDE". Say goodbye to your production papers.


Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One