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Video Gallery SAP Business One

On this page you will get an insight and more detailed information about SAP Business One, the ERP complete solution for medium-sized businesses from SAP.

SAP Business One in 60 seconds

With SAP Business One, you can simplify processes, make quick decisions and manage your entire business - whether it's CRM, purchasing, sales, finance, production, warehouse management, human resources, project management or service.

Watch the videos below to learn how to benefit from SAP Business One in specific areas of your business:

Financial Management | Sales & Customer Management | Marketing | Purchasing & Warehouser | Reportings & Analysis | Integrations

Financial Management

Thanks to automated processes, you can keep an eye on your finances in SAP Business One and access up-to-date data from all areas of your company more quickly. The linking of financial accounting with all business areas ensures that no documents will get lost. Manage the dunning process and international business and set budgets that cannot be exceeded.

Marketing and service

For customer relations and retention, SAP Business One offers features for marketing and service. Setting up and planning campaigns as well as customer management with importing customer data, creating opportunities and measuring the success of campaigns are just as easy for you - as is service case processing.

Purchasing and Warehouse

Stay in control of procurement and materials management. With SAP Business One, you can obtain real-time information on stock levels and orders, control them and reduce your costs at the same time. Internal orders are bundled centrally, you can record supplier requests and conditions, and define recurring transactions and framework agreements.

Analytics and reporting

With SAP Business One for HANA, you can monitor key business data through a customised cockpit with dashboards, key figures and role-specific process flows, and take immediate action when needed. Take a look at sales figures per customer or gain a glimpse into the future with the business development tool.

Integrations with SAP Business One

Regardless of time and place, SAP Business One provides you with interfaces for the integration of company-relevant data, for example, from the headquarters, from branches, from third-party software, from legacy systems, from the customer database, from manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers as well as from mobile solutions or even from social media and cloud services.

All these standard functions can also be found in our industry solution for the food industry.

SAP Business One AddOn Mobile Warehouse Management

SAP Business One AddOn Digital Packing Table

Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One