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SAP Business One for production and manufacturing

The ever-increasing challenges in the manufacturing industry require flexible ERP solutions that are capable of mapping complex processes. Our extensive industry know-how makes it possible for us to offer you an SAP Business One industry solution that has been tailored precisely to the needs of the manufacturing sector. With our advanced ERP solution, you keep track of all manufacturing steps and control and monitor production processes, costs and delivery dates.

Are you also facing these challenges as a manufacturing company?

  • Create end-to-end production processes
  • Flexible control of your business and gain agility
  • Increasing competition and price pressure
  • Increasing costs for material, transport or labor
  • Production control up to batch size 1

As an industry expert for production, we are the right contact to master these challenges together with you. Arrange your initial meeting online right now.

How to overcome these challenges with the SAP Business One Industry Solution Manufacturing:

  • End-to-end production processes
    With SAP Business One, you map production processes, employees, and machines in one system and at the same time link processes, systems, and different business areas. From procurement to warehouse and sales - all core processes are mapped in an integrated manner in the ERP system.
  • Flexible corporate management
    Key figures in real time are the basis for making the right decisions. In addition to valuable real-time data, SAP Business One provides you with clever evaluation options to react flexibly to changes and market developments.
  • Increasing competitive and pricing pressure
    To meet increasing competitive and pricing pressure, SAP Business One enables centralized analysis of data, thanks to which you can create forecasts, gain agility, and get to know your customers even better.
  • Rising material, transportation, or labor costs.
    SAP Business One helps manufacturing companies reduce cost pressures by automating and accelerating time-intensive work, optimizing machine and equipment utilization, and simplifying logistics.
  • Production control up to batch size 1
    In order for companies, which usually produce larger quantities, to be able to manufacture products according to individual requirements, additional flexibility in production is necessary. SAP Business One makes this possible - with the ERP system, which offers a wide range of calculation options as well as a project management module, you can easily map product individualizations and at the same time keep your costs transparent.

"With SAP Business One as a cloud solution, we save costs and time. In addition, SAP Business One offers us the possibility to react flexibly to changing requirements. SIGMA will continue to support us competently with its ERP know-how in the future."

Mathias Gehmlich
Managing Director

"SAP Business One in conjunction with the SFDC AddOn and the SOLID Works interface enables us to consistently map and provide transparency for our business processes - all in one ERP software."

Marcel Richter
Managing Director

"With SIGMA, we have found a professional software partner in the SAP area who always supports us with our ideas in practice."

Sven Bonitz
Managing Director

"If we were faced with the choice of implementing a system like SAP Business One again today - we would make exactly the same decision again. SIGMA proved to be a reliable and extremely competent partner and supported us in all stages of the implementation."

Mathias Friedrich
Managing Director

The most important functions of SAP Business One for production

Manufacturing companies need efficient production planning and control, which can be quickly adapted to changing product ranges and customer requirements. Thanks to a production module with a wide range of functions, it is possible to plan and control production processes with our SAP Business One industry solution.

The main functions at a glance

  • Creation of production orders on the basis of bills of materials
  • Make-to-order and repetitive manufacturing
  • Graphical capacity requirements planning
  • Plant management incl. control station, capacity utilization overview and progress control
  • Recording of operating and machine data
  • Calculation of article costs incl. pre- and post-calculation
  • Creation of forecasts
  • Disposition assistant
  • Quality management

The benefits of our SAP Business One industry solution for manufacturing at a glance

  • Our SAP Business One industry solution for manufacturing enables joint scheduling of production orders, material availability and capacities. This allows delivery dates to be calculated, bottlenecks to be avoided, lead times to be shortened, and a larger number of production orders to be planned effectively.
  • Efficient planning and control of production helps you to reliably meet delivery deadlines and increase customer satisfaction.

  • SAP Business One offers various functions for recording and calculating costs and thus supports the calculation of production costs and sales prices.
  • Material costs, labor costs and other operation-related expenses can be tracked and sales prices calculated based on production costs.
  • Our SAP Business One industry solution for production enables automated and time-saving updating of BOM costs. In the event of price fluctuations of materials and resources, the time-consuming updating of individual bills of materials is no longer necessary and you always keep your prices up to date.

  • SAP Business One helps with the purchase of items, the procurement of resources and production planning. With our industry solution, you ensure that all necessary materials are available on time, in the required quantity and at the right place.
  • Precise demand planning avoids bottlenecks and optimizes inventory levels. Thus, you save storage costs and use available resources even more efficiently.

Thanks to real-time data from the utilization of your machines to the current production status of your production orders to the current stock level, you make informed decisions and benefit from efficient planning and control of your processes.

Thanks to our industry solution, you digitize your production processes and replace production papers with a digital and end-to-end solution.

  • Our SIGMA BDE performance booster provides your employees with all the important documents relating to the production process directly at their workstations. Your employees can quickly see which orders are pending at their machine, their workstation or in their team. All important information on work sequences or raw materials can be found in the production order itself.
  • Our SIGMA MES add-on also enables the alignment and clocking of the information flow with the material flow on a production or assembly line.

  • Quality inspections can be planned and documented in parallel with the material flow from procurement to delivery.
  • The SIGMA MES supports the collection of quality data and the execution of inspections and tests during the production process. It enables quality data to be linked to the corresponding orders and products, thus facilitating traceability and quality management.

Our SAP Business One industry solution for manufacturing enables better planning, responsiveness, and communication as industry needs change. These benefits enable your company to start a specific manufacturing project faster.

SAP Business One helps increase overall labor time and machine utilization by improving overall efficiency and reducing indirect labor hours.

  • The advanced warehouse management solution of our SAP Business One industry solution provides improved management, documentation and maintenance of available inventory together with warehouse data. Through the use of handheld devices, all processes related to picking are recorded in real time.
  • SAP Business One also ensures batch and best-before date management as well as complete traceability.

We serve clients from the following sectors:

  • Steel construction

  • Metalworking

  • Machine and plant construction

  • Plastics processing

  • Fiber optics

  • Surface treatment

  • Battery Storage

  • Glass fiber construction

  • Medical technology

  • Electrical engineering

FAQ - the most frequently asked questions about SAP Business One for Production

Allocation and assignment of batch and serial numbers is possible across all process stages with our SAP Business One industry solution for production. Batch and serial numbers can also be traced back seamlessly.

  • On Premise
  • Hosting
  • Cloud
  • Both HANA and SQL

There are standard interfaces to common CAD programs and solutions for store floor data collection.

The complex requirements of multi-machine operation can be met simply and efficiently by assigning various internal workstations to a planned workstation.

If the dates or production quantities are changed during the planning and scheduling of a production order, the effects on the flow process can be displayed in comparison to the original or current status.

The parallel display of four freely selectable periods enables a maximum overview of the capacity utilization of the individual workstations (machines, etc.).

Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One