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Are you the perfect SAP user?

Let's assume that you are thinking about introducing a new ERP solution and have reached the point where you include a SAP solution in your inner circle of favourites. But perhaps you are hesitating? Isn't it too complicated? Do not only the really big companies have this? Then the question already pops up in the back of your mind: Am I the perfect SAP user? We'll give you some food for thought on how you can tell if SAP is the right solution for you.

If you look at SAP Business One from the point of view of features and technical performance, you can already be quite satisfied with an introduction: you can manage your entire company efficiently - from finance to purchasing, warehouse management, sales and CRM, all the way to production and extensive analyses and dashboards.

SAP Business One also appeals to a wide range of companies in terms of industries. Users from manufacturing, retail, service companies as well as schools and public sector clients are all part of the user family and feel comfortable with SAP Business One. So what makes a typical user?

SAP users have the big picture in mind

SAP users want to develop their company strategically and do not lose sight of their goals despite their daily business. SAP users do not just plan from today to tomorrow, but use a variety of analyses to position the company. The software is only the tool that provides the information in the background. SAP users already know today where they want to see their company in the next few years, which target markets and customer groups are promising and what needs to be done for success.

SAP users want a clear view of their business.

How is my company doing right now at this very moment? What is the order backlog and which incoming payments do we expect within the next two weeks? SAP users want to derive tasks from facts or, even better, have them "told" to them by the system. SAP users want information quickly at a glance. Instead of time-consuming comparisons and consolidations of various Excel lists, SAP users prefer analyses in real time and at the push of a button.

SAP users make decisions based on reliable data.

Who does not know this? How often are business decisions still made on the basis of gut decisions. What else can you do if well-founded data is not available in real time and a lot of effort has to be put into analyses. We are not only thinking of the "big" decisions, for example in product development. We are also thinking of the small "blind flights" that are made when ordering materials, in production planning or in other areas. SAP users do not want to make gut decisions, they want to make decisions based on sound and reliable information.

Do you want to know now what exactly SAP Business One is all about? Read on here or get in for a test drive.