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Boost your productivity with these 9 features

In part 1, "Who or what is HANA?", we explained what SAP HANA is all about. You also learned that a whole range of additional business scenarios are available in SAP Business One based on this innovative database technology. In part 2, it's time for all decision-makers, pay attention! Here are nine features with which you can really boost the productivity of your team:

1. Role-based cockpit - set up your home screen with the metrics and dashboards you want to see at first glance every day.

2. Advanced dashboards - jump from dashboards on your cockpit to advanced analytics. Now you can view more comprehensive metrics and analytics for specific products or business partners, for example.

3. Sales recommendations - when creating a quotation or a sales order, let SAP Business One suggest which products the customer has bought so far or which products comparable customers have bought. These items can then be transferred to the document at the touch of a button. The perfect tool for a successful upsell!

4 Enterprise Search - we call it the Google Search for SAP Business One. It finds pretty much everything and does it in a structured way. {I wouldn't be able to cope without it}.

5.    Available-to-promise check - a graphical representation of the availability of your items. Ideal for quick information on the phone.

6. Extended availability check - do you know it too? Actually, all deliveries are planned for today and then the priority order arrives. With the extended availability check, you can reorganise the delivery quantity between different orders using a slider. But there is one thing you must not forget...call the customer who will not receive any goods tomorrow due to the priority order.

7. Cash flow forecast - very nice feature for the management to keep track of the cash flow in the form of a dashboard. Can also be used in the SAP Business One app for the iPad.

8. Interactive analyses - via an EXCEL add-in you can use SAP Business One data in EXCEL and evaluate, edit and save it via the familiar pivot functions.

9. SAP Business One Sales App - your salespeople in the field will love the app and you know what happy salespeople mean for the company.

The following video from the SAP Business One YouTube channel gives a brief overview of individual topics: