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Active status hides unneeded information

When displaying business partner master data in SAP Business One, more data than necessary is often displayed. We will tell you how to improve the clarity by a small setting.

The right setting(s) are the key

Are you familiar with this? Since you have been working for your employer, software has been installed that is already pre-configured or you have adapted the procedure of your predecessor or colleagues.

Sometimes this is a good thing. But often work processes could be done much more efficiently. That's why we'll give you a few tips that will make it easier for you to work with SAP Business One and also help you save time.

Business partner master data

Your customer list is long. But you only want to see the current customers? Then simply set the checkmark to "Active" in the customer search and have only active customers displayed.

Current contact person

For an existing customer, you have entered many contact persons in SAP Business One over time. If another colleague who is not permanently involved with this customer wants to find the right contact person, this often becomes very difficult. Therefore, you should set the checkbox to "Active" so that all previous contact persons are not displayed. In addition, when entering contact persons, it is always advisable to fill out the data record as completely as possible. A reference to the department to which the contact person belongs and his or her position will later help you to find the right contact person. You can do this in the horizontal menu under ID Contact Persons.