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Handling units in the dispatch process - pallet dispatch using the SIGMA digital packing table.

SIGMA Pallet Management, as an add-on fully integrated in SAP Business One, creates the NVE identification and manages the related item and storage location information. Our Performance Boosters pick up on the NVE labelling in order to further increase the effectiveness and digitalisation of your processes:


In goods issue our Performance Booster SIGMA Digital Packing Table helps you process picking and packing operations. Der SIGMA Digital Packing Table is suitable for both parcel- and pallet shipping and allows you to record items and packing materials for a delivery.

Picking for pallet dispatch

Picking for pallet dispatch can be done on the basis of handling units. Here you select the appropriate picking list and scan the NVE code on the pallet. This way, all items on the pallet are picked directly. Instead of scanning each item on the pallet individually and recording the respective quantities, you only have to scan once and the SIGMA pallet management system compares the quantities in the background.

Furthermore, you can also pick a mixed pallet and record it under an NVE, so that even after delivery has taken place, you can still see which articles and quantities are on which pallet.

This enables transparent tracking and at the same time increases the effectiveness of your shipping process.

In addition, all further information (such as tracking number, etc.) is recorded via the shipping service provider connection and automatically stored in SAP Business One.