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Three things you might not know about SAP Business One.

It's time to clear up some prejudices. In our daily work on site, from time to time, we come across views that are simply no longer true. Reason enough for us to discuss three facts that you may not have known about SAP's SME business in general and SAP Business One in particular.

SAP is strongest in the midmarket

When we talk to our prospective customers about SAP solutions for the first time, the argument: "That's only for large companies" comes up very quickly. This is a widespread misconception, perhaps stemming from SAP's history, that no longer reflects today's reality. Did you know that more than 80 percent of SAP customers around the world belong to the SME sector? A figure that actually says it all. But what‘s the reason? SAP's DNA is now the midmarket, which drives innovation. SAP Business One is the solution that best fits this DNA and fully covers the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

SAP Business One is a heavyweight

60,000 SAP Business One customers can't be wrong! So many SMEs around the world use SAP Business One as their leading business management software solution. Thus, SAP Business One belongs to one of the leading systems in the SME segment, making it the actual standard. This also includes a far-reaching roadmap that documents further developments for the coming years. For our customers this means - investment security with a product that will form the backbone of the company for years after purchase.

SAP Business One is not SAP Light

And because many people mistakenly think that SAP is only suitable for large companies (see above), some of our prospective customers are initially of the opinion that a product for medium-sized companies can only be "light". Time to correct this opinion! SAP Business One is one of the most comprehensive ERP solutions for SMEs on the market, which was designed specifically for these needs and which already maps all processes of a company in its standard scope. SAP Business One has almost 15 years of know-how. So SAP knows what makes small and medium-sized businesses tick and what needs a corresponding software solution has to cover.

Do you need proof that SAP Business One is good for SMEs and good for you? Here you will find the hard facts.