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VAT ID check directly via SAP Business One

A valid VAT ID number of your business partner from another EU country is a prerequisite for tax-free invoicing.

If a delivery is made to a company with an invalid VAT ID, the sender has to pay tax on the turnover afterwards. With the help of the SAP Business One Add on developed by SIGMA, you can avoid this by having the VAT ID checked directly from a sales order.

Advantages of the VAT ID check in SAP Business One

  • avoid expensive surprises in the course of a tax audit
  • check VAT ID and automatically receive information about the existence and correctness of a customer's or supplier's VAT ID.
  • no need to manually enter individual VAT ID numbers to check their validity
  • check VAT ID automatically and in real time via the Federal Tax Office
  • results of the check are saved, including the date of the query