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SIGMA EDI-Cockpit for SAP Business One

Reliable data exchange with the EDI solution

EDI, the electronic exchange of data, helps you to transmit business data faster and without errors with an increasing number of business partners and suppliers. The SIGMA EDI Cockpit enables error-free communication between different company IT landscapes via one interface. This reduces costs and increases the efficiency of your processes compared to paper-based procedures.

Automated business data exchange with EDI Cockpit for SAP Business One

The SIGMA EDI Cockpit for SAP Business One enables automated, electronic data exchange with each of your business partners.

Why you should use an EDI connection:

  • Time savings in the exchange of business documents
  • Reduction of error sources and increased data quality
  • Reduction of administrative work and costs through automated processing of orders
  • Increased competitiveness through higher efficiency in the value chain
  • Traceability of the document flow
  • No printing or mailing necessary
  • Digitalization and optimization of your processes

Exchange of business data without EDI

  • Triggering of an order by the buyer
  • Printing the order and sending it to the supplier
  • Entering the order, delivery and invoice into the supplier's system
  • Printing the invoice and sending it to the buyer
  • Entering the invoice into the buyer's system

Exchange of business data with EDI

  • Order by means of ERP of the buyer
  • Appearance of the order in the supplier's system
  • Automation of all further steps

How does the EDI Add-on for SAP Business One work?

Our add-on enables you to send data from SAP Business One to business partners from all over the world in seconds. SAP Business One documents are converted into the communication format of the desired clearing house and stored either in a server directory or on an FTP server for further processing by the clearing house. The documents are then converted by the clearing house into the agreed format of the recipient (for example, EDIFACT format) and sent to your business partners via a connection to be set up (x.400 or AS2).


What is a clearing center?

For communication with your business partners, a communication solution from a clearing house must be available. This serves as a platform for converting and distributing EDI documents. For this purpose, only a structured format has to be transferred to the clearing center. The clearing center then takes over the conversion of the message into the data exchange format that the business partner needs in order to be able to read in the data..


Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One