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SIGMA Updating bill of material costs

If there are price fluctuations for materials and resources, it is necessary to update your BOM costs. This is the only way to keep your prices in SAP Business One up to date so that you can pass them on to your customers. We have developed the "Update BOM costs" add-on so that you can carry out this routine work in a time-saving manner.

With the SIGMA add-on, manual updating of your bills of materials is a thing of the past, resulting in several advantages for you: You save valuable time and costs, relieve your employees and input errors are avoided.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Elimination of time-consuming updating of individual parts lists
  • High time saving
  • Quick and easy calculation of BOM costs
  • Short implementation time

How does the SIGMA add-on "Update BOM costs" work?

The individual components of products are listed in a bill of materials. Individual items from parts lists can also be bills of materials themselves - for example, the "Wheel" parts list in our example is part of the "Car" parts list. If a parts list is updated, this usually also affects parts lists that contain the previous parts list.

Thanks to our SAP Business One add-on, you now bypass the tedious work of manually updating every single BOM, because an automated update of your prices in all BOMs takes place. Based on price changes of items and resources, BOMs are recalculated so that mass changes of BOM prices are easily possible in the shortest possible time.

The operation of our add-on is quite simple: just select the price list in which the BOMs with the customized item are located. In the table, you can then select the desired articles or resources whose price is to be changed. Afterwards, all parts lists with the new item prices will be calculated automatically.

Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One