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Year-end training in SAP Business One


October 23, 2024

Application deadline is October 9


If the situation allows, our training courses take place as face-to-face events at our premises. 

Topics / Contents

  • Purchasing, sales & warehouse
  • Checking of document numbering, negative stocks, statistical accounts, clearing accounts as well as the completeness of account statements Re-create periods and restart document numbering Inventory: Check negative stocks; transfer and post counting results; special features
  • Financial accounting & asset accounting
  • Reconciliation of open items and balances of business partners Accruals & deferrals; depreciation; inventory valuation in the warehouse; value adjustments Provisions and transfers
  • Reports & evaluations
  • Evaluation of lists of totals and balances, OP lists; UST report and tax reconciliation report Documentation of account statements, account sheets, open documents Period-end closing and fiscal year change of asset accounting
Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One