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SIGMA Applicant Management for SAP Business One

Applicant management made easy: With SIGMA Applicant Management for SAP Business One, we offer an add-on for the central storage of applicant information that will take your data management to the next level. Our add-on allows you to easily and efficiently manage the process from initial applicant capture to acceptance or rejection.

Take advantage of smooth applicant management and benefit from a transparent recruiting process with SIGMA Applicant Management!

Our SAP Business One add-on for applicant management offers these advantages:

  • Mapping of the entire application process in one system
  • Simplified and efficient applicant management
  • Clear traceability of all application activities
  • Permanent transparency of the processing status of an application for all responsible persons
  • High time savings in the application process
  • Individual customization of the selectable options in the recorded areas of competence (such as application type or specialist areas)

Applicant data entry

  • New applicants can be created in the system with all important data and information, such as name, address, e-mail or date of birth.

  • In order to find the right candidate for a specific position, language skills and areas of expertise can be recorded.

Structuring and course

  • For improved structuring of the process, different application types such as training or permanent employment as well as the desired position can be added.

  • The individual areas of expertise can be filled with individual options, so that the add-on fits perfectly to your company.

Status tracking

  • The status of each application is viewable, so you always know where a candidate is in the process.The date of receipt and the type of contact can be recorded for precise traceability of the chronological process.

  • An application can be assigned to the relevant department including the responsible person. Sending an automatic notification about the receipt of a new application to the responsible person is also possible.

Call invitation and tracking

  • As soon as an applicant is invited for an interview, you can record participants, the date of the interview as well as the request date and forward the request for an interview to the responsible person.


  • Reports clearly display the status of all applications so that progress can be seen at a glance.

Authorization management

  • Authorization controlled - access to candidate data can be controlled and managed through SAP authorization system

This is what SIGMA applicant management looks like

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Fully integrated with SAP Business One


Clear presentation of follow-up activities


Note of expertise


Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One