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Mobile Lagerverwaltung für SAP Business One
Mobile warehouse management for SAP Business One
With our powerful add-on, you digitize your logistics and benefit from paperless, transparent and efficient warehousing in the future.
SAP Business One - Die Lösung
SAP Business One
Keep track of your company's operations and metrics with SAP Business One. This ERP software for small and medium-sized companies streamlines and links your business processes and grows with your business.
SAP Business One für die Lebensmittelbranche
Industry solution food industry
We combine the extensive functionality of SAP Business One with our industry know-how and the appropriate performance boosters.
Industry solution for service providers
Optimise resource planning, project management and invoicing with an integrated software solution.
Wanted: Trainees SAP Consulting
Trainee positions Finance and Logistics Consultant ( f/m/d ) for SAP Business One available

SAP Business One - the ERP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises

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SAP Business One - benefit from ...

  • standardized and automated business processes
  • more transparency and a clear insight into your business
  • data about your processes in real time
  • a cost-effective control of your company
  • a single software for all business areas
  • a reduction of error sources
  • a quick and easy implementation

Arrange your free consultation now and find out why more than 70,000 companies rely on SAP Business One!

Insight into SAP Business One in 60 seconds

SAP Business One - Everything Simple

With SAP Business One, you can manage your entire business. Whether CRM, sales, purchasing, finance, human resources, warehouse management, production, project management and service. Processes become easier and you make the right decisions faster. Watch this short video to see how it works.

Learn more about the features and capabilities of SAP Business One.

Want more boost?

We love SAP Business One, so we make it even better: With our Performance Boosters for warehouse, shipping and production, you work digitally to the last step. Watch this video to see how our Digital Packing Table can help you eliminate the word misdeliveries from your vocabulary in the future.

You want to know what else we have to offer? Here you will find our Performance Boosters for SAP Business One.

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SAP Business One for small and midsize businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises also need a reliable management solution in order to have information that leads to success. At around 80%, SMEs now make up a large proportion of SAP customers. With SAP Business One, they find a solution that is clear, scalable and affordable, and yet still meets the requirements of day-to-day business.

The big advantage: The ERP system maps several company areas within one solution and enables control of the entire business as well as central management of company-wide processes. This simplifies your processes and increases the productivity of your company.

Link your business units

Whether sales, finance or logistics - every department needs an ERP system. With the ERP solution SAP Business One, you simplify the control and linking of all business areas and enable the management of finance, logistics, procurement, shipping, customers and service. As a result, the software provides a clear view of your business and eliminates problems that arise with various stand-alone solutions. With the help of analysis and reporting tools, you get up-to-date data from all areas of the company and make important business decisions quickly. To manage your entire business, the software has several core modules, each covering a different function: administration, finance, sales, purchasing, business partners, banking, inventory, resources, production management, material requirements planning, service management, human resources, project management and reports. Each module performs specific tasks, but they are all interconnected.

The complexity of an SAP Business One implementation depends on the number of users and individual customizations, but the software can be implemented in a short time, usually within a few weeks, with low costs. However, the cost of implementation is very individual and depends on different requirements. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, SAP Business One is easy to use, enabling efficient work. It can be accessed both in the cloud and on its own server via SAP Business One Client, a web client or through the mobile application.

SAP Business One is international

More than 75,000 customers worldwide rely on the ERP complete solution SAP Business One and benefit not only from access to real-time information but also from sound decision-making and successful growth. The software is available in a total of 28 interface languages and more than 170 countries.

SAP Business One add-ons as performance boosters

SAP Business One grows with your business. The software can be extended with various add-ons and thus adapts to the individual requirements of each industry. With an SAP Business One add-on, the basic functions of the ERP solution can be extended by various functions, thanks to which you can increase your performance and work even more efficiently. Add-ons are usually specialized for a specific industry, business unit or process.

SIGMA offers a selection of specialized solutions for logistics, production   and   administration that allow you to get even more out of your SAP Business One. Should your requirements change as your business grows, additional users and further customizations can complement your system alongside add-ons.

SAP Business One licenses

Licenses for SAP Business One can be purchased or operated in the cloud, via a monthly rental model. The type of license you need depends on how your company is set up in terms of IT and how you want to access the system. For employees who are only active in certain business areas, there are restricted user variants (limited users). If employees need cross-departmental access to all company processes, there is the SAP Business One Professional User license. These allow full access to all modules and functions, reports and analyses as well as SAP Business One Apps. For employees who are only to report data back to the system and do not need access to the ERP system, there is the so-called Indirect Access User license.


SAP Business One in the cloud, on-premise or as a mixed hosting variant

As already mentioned, it is possible to buy SAP licenses or to rent them in the cloud.   The on-premise solution requires a purchase of the licenses. On-premise means as much as "on site" - the software is therefore installed on the company's IT infrastructure. Advantages of the on-premise solution include direct control and access to data, use of internal hardware and existing IT infrastructure, and compliance with internal data security policies.

The use of the cloud solution is linked to a rental model: a specific monthly rental price is paid per user. The advantages of the cloud solution include simple implementation with low costs, location- and time-independent, browser-based access, and subscription licenses, thanks to which no investment costs are incurred.

The hosting model is a hybrid of on-premise and cloud: you purchase the required licenses and then operate them in the data center for monthly costs.

Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One