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Klippel GmbH

Reference report Klippel GmbH

The challenge

In the course of the past few years, several isolated applications had become established in the company's software landscape, the administration of which became increasingly difficult as the complexity of the company's processes grew. A standardised and transparent overview of the company's status was no longer available without further ado.

Another problem was the insufficient filing, which led to increased efforts in searching and finding documents. Therefore, Klippel GmbH was looking for a modern solution that would allow the company's processes to be displayed simply and efficiently.


The most important advantages for the customer

SAP Business One was able to hold its own in a competitive comparison and scored points due to the software's comprehensive standard functionalities. This meant that several legacy systems could now be replaced and the company's software landscape consolidated. In addition, the points that help make the customer's daily work easier also contributed to the decision:

  • The continuous document flow in purchasing and sales significantly accelerates the processes in handling commercial transactions.
  • The integrated serial number and storage location management improves the overview of products and components and improves the transparency of stocks.
  • The implemented extension coresuite country package allows extensive individual adaptations of SAP Business One such as tailored evaluations and reportings, adaptations of the layout and an extension of the integrated financial processing. For Klippel GmbH, the option of simple journal entries and the DATEV export were important.
  • Integration of the EASY ENTERPRISE archiving solution in SAP Business One creates the path to simple and revision-proof storage of commercial as well as project-relevant documents, thus reducing the previous effort for searching and finding documents.

  • A customer-specific customisation extends the options for assigning employees to business partners included in the standard scope.


The project

Thanks to the excellent cooperation and project organisation of the relevant employees at Klippel GmbH, a fast and smooth implementation of the project specifications was achieved. SIGMA Software und Consulting GmbH, as a long-standing SAP Gold Channel Partner, continues to support Klippel GmbH as a competent service partner after the live start. As a future step, the company plans to expand the system by adding useful extensions, such as mobile warehouse management (use of handheld devices), to improve the processes in the company even further.


Results and outlook

"With SAP Business One and SIGMA Software und Consulting GmbH as our partner, we have taken two big steps forward. We have found a solution for our administrative challenges and at the same time gained a better overview of our documents," explains Benjamin Barth, who managed the implementation on the part of Klippel GmbH.

This is what the customer says
"We didn't want any more isolated applications, instead we wanted a software with which we could map all our processes. We were convinced by SAP Business One."
Download reference report of Klippel GmbH as PDF file
Download reference report as PDF file
About the client

The vision of a better loudspeaker - that was the driving force behind Prof. Wolfgang Klippel when he launched Klippel GmbH in Dresden in 1997. In more than twenty years of research on optimal sound development, Prof. Klippel, as a pioneer in this field, developed novel measurement and control technologies for loudspeakers and audio systems, thus enabling the development of optimal sound systems. A large number of professional publications and awards by the Audio Engineering Society are proof of the commitment of Prof. Wolfgang Klippel and his colleagues.

Link: www.klippel.de

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