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Automation of logistics processes with SAP Business One

Are you facing logistical challenges and are required to respond to an increasing volume of orders? We offer the right solution for efficient logistics processes - the key to successful business operations.

Our goal? To make the entire logistics process - from goods receipt to picking and shipping - fast and automated. This minimizes sources of error and drives your company's growth thanks to increasing efficiency and productivity.

Do you know this too?

To get even more out of your logistics processes, you strive for ...

  • simplified order processing
  • error-free, automated processes
  • acceleration of your order picking
  • complete transparency of your stock levels

We have the solution: Automate your entire logistics process with SAP Business One and benefit from greater efficiency, higher productivity, lower error rates and lower costs.

How to automate your logistics processes with SIGMA and SAP Business One

With SAP Business One and SIGMA Performance Boosters, we automate recurring activities so that your processes become more efficient.


Benefit from complete automation of your logistics flow:

Goods receipt

  • Goods receipt is conveniently booked via SIGMA Mobile Warehouse Management with a handheld using barcode scanning. All information is synchronized in real time with SAP Business One, eliminating the need for manual entry for the most part.

Order creation

  • Thanks to webshop connectivity, SAP Business One and your webshop application automatically exchange product, customer and order data with each other.
  • Sales orders are generated automatically via an interface, resulting in a noticeable reduction in your administrative workload. Semi-automatic generation with manual checking is also feasible and gives you extended control options.


  • Orders are automatically transferred to picking lists, with automatic storage location and batch selection based on customer-specific criteria such as BBD.
  • Pick lists are available in the Digital Packing Table and show which goods are to be picked. With the digital packing table, you also benefit from a detailed display of the packing status.
  • With SIGMA Mobile Warehouse Management, collective picking and thus the combination of several picking lists into one collective picking list becomes possible. This enables the simultaneous picking of shipping goods for several shipping orders and you benefit from efficient picking.

Automation of the document chain

  • The creation and printing of delivery bills becomes fully automated with our solution.
  • Shipping labels are generated automatically and the customer is notified. In addition, we offer a flexible choice between shipping as merchandise mail or parcel.
  • Outgoing invoices are created and printed automatically, based on the information in the delivery bill.
Benjamin Apfelstädt | Sales SAP Business One