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Alerts in SAP Business One

In our article "Why urgent does not equal important" we talked about identifying important tasks and automating them as much as possible. If this is not possible, rules can be defined so that the team can decide independently and thus complete the task. Depending on the application, a combination of both may also be possible.

For example, if you want your SAP Business One solution to inform you independently when various properties occur, then the alerts are perfect for this.

There are pre-configured alerts in SAP Business One, such as deviation from credit limit or deviation from discount.

Selection list of available alerts

Of course, you can also create your own alerts. The implementation is very simple:

  • If there is not yet a suitable query in your SAP Business One, you simply create a new one via the query wizard or the query manager (to be found under Extras\Queries). This query must contain the necessary parameters so that an alert can be triggered later.
  • When the query is ready, select the alarm functions in your SAP Business One menu under Administration. There you can open the previously created query (e.g. due service contracts) and set the rules for the alarm. Individual or several persons can be defined as recipients. If you tick the Internal box, the alarm message will appear in SAP Business One within the alarm window.  In parallel, you can also be informed by e-mail. In the meantime, we no longer consider SMS and FAX to be relevant, but they would also work.

Set up a new alarm function under Administration/Alarm Functions

In order to always have an overview of the alerts, you can set up an alarm widget on your desktop in both SAP versions (MS SQL and SAP HANA).

Example Alarm Dashboard SAP Business One - Version for SAP HANA

Otherwise, the alarm window can also be opened at any time via the menu.

And that's it! We hope you enjoy creating your own alerts.