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The revolution in knowledge transfer: SIGMA Chatbot for online presence and internal efficiency

In a constantly evolving world of technology, SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH has not only recognized innovation as the key to success, but has also taken a decisive step into the future. The idea was simple, but powerful: an AI-based chatbot that not only enriches our online presence, but also optimizes our internal processes. We realized this vision with the SIGMA Chatbot.


The creation of the SIGMA Chatbot:

The idea arose from the challenge of improving the user experience for customers and at the same time making internal processes more efficient. The path from idea to implementation was not without its challenges, but through agility and teamwork the realization succeeded. The result was the SIGMA Chatbot, which offered a transformative solution not only for our customers, but also for internal processes.

Functionalities for online presence:

The SIGMA Chatbot proved to be a game changer for our online presence. The integration on our website allows customers to get quick and accurate answers to their questions. From product information to general inquiries, the SIGMA Chatbot provides a personalized experience that is appreciated by our customers. Live demonstrations highlighted its capabilities and led to a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction.

Functionalities for internal processes:

But the SIGMA Chatbot is not only designed for customers. It also optimizes our internal processes in sales, consulting, development and product management. Internal applications simplify recurring tasks and promote collaboration between departments.

The provision of the SIGMA Chatbot:

Almost 3 months of intensive work and creative development culminated in the provision of the SIGMA Chatbot. The basis for the answers lies in the documents published on the SIGMA website. These documents were integrated into a powerful vector database that serves as a source of knowledge. The internal implementation and testing was exciting as we watched our idea come to life and create measurable value for our organization.

The publication and reaction:

The publication of the SIGMA Chatbot on our website marked a significant moment. The positive feedback from customers and our employees confirmed not only the innovative power of the chatbot, but also the improved customer satisfaction.

Outlook for the future:

The journey with the SIGMA Chatbot has only just begun. A look into the future shows continuous improvements and adjustments, completion with new information and documentation. Employees are encouraged to actively interact with the chatbot and provide feedback to drive the further development of the SIGMA Chatbot.


We are convinced that our AI-based chatbot will play an important role in the development of our company in the future.

With its help, we will be able to optimize our processes, improve customer service and strengthen our competitiveness. We are excited about the development and are determined to maximize the potential of AI.

In a world characterized by technological progress and digitalization, the use of AI is a decisive step in the right direction. Our AI-based chatbot is proof of how SIGMA technologies are evolving and meeting the challenges of the future.

Stay tuned to learn more about the exciting developments and applications of the SIGMA Chatbot!