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API Restauration

Contract announcement API Restauration

The solution - SAP Business One Cloud

With the French company API Restauration, SIGMA Software und Consulting GmbH was able to inspire an international client to use the SAP Business One software.

The gastronomy company, which operates in several countries, will implement its financial accounting for three clients by using the ERP software SAP Business One via a cloud solution in future.

This is what the costumer says...
"We are firmly convinced that we have found a modern and future-oriented software in SAP Business One. Using it as a cloud service will increase our efficiency even more."
Download contract announcement
Download contract announcement as pdf file
About the client

In the field of communal catering, API Restauration is the fourth largest player in the market in France. The company is active in various business areas of community catering and employs more than 7,200 people. API operates about fifty catering centres in France and five abroad, including four in Germany, producing more than 300,000 meals per day. API Restauration's customers include companies, educational institutions, daycare centres, retirement homes, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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